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The Mechanics of Online Mines Games Easy Win Casino

The Mechanics of Online Mines Games Easy Win Casino

Arcade games come in many different variants. With easy game mechanics and rewards, it is no surprise that people love to play them. One arcade game can test your bets if you browse an online casino. This game is called Mines. While similar to minesweeper, it has gameplay features that differ from the original game. It is similar yet fresh for casual players.

To win a game, you make your bets. Like any casino game, testing your luck and seeing your decisions play out is a must. Remember, the bigger the bet, the higher the winnings. Here’s how you can win in Mines!

What Is The Game of Mines?

Mines is an online casual arcade game developed by Spribe. It uses a 5×5 tile grid where bombs are scattered around the grid. In contrast to a minesweeper game, Mines lets you change the number of bombs. However, it will affect your winnings every game. The more bombs you place, the bigger the reward. Remember, your luck plays a big role in avoiding a bomb tile. Therefore, be careful when clicking.

This game is available on many gaming platforms, including Mines Games. The game has easy mechanics, and players can adjust their gaming experience.

Steps To Play Mines

As with any arcade game, there are steps you need to follow. These are important because it ensures that you play fair. If there is a misstep, it can affect your bets, resulting in a loss.

Here is the step to play the game.

  1. Place your bets – Betting is the first step in Mines. You bet based on your budget and can adjust to your liking. Alternatively, you can use a set amount provided by the game. It is best to have enough budget before betting. 
  2. Enter your preferred number of mines – Compared to a classic minesweeper, you can set the number of mines in this game. First, click on Mines at the upper left part of the tiles. You can choose between 1 to 20 bombs on the grid. However, the number affects your winnings each game. The more mines there are on the grid, the bigger the payout.
  3. Start betting and click – After setting your game, you can start betting. Depending on your luck, you will see two icons: a star and a bomb. If you get a bomb, you lose. Therefore, you should get as many stars as you can. These stars are what you should aim for to get big winnings.

Ways To Win In Mines

While the game is easy on paper, you might get lost in the thrill. And it is important to win with a strategy in mind. It protects you from mistakes resulting in losses. That way, you have a proper way to win made with your efforts.

Here’s how you can win in the game.

  • Follow your budget – This strategy is a universal concept in many casino games. Budgeting is a necessary skill for all games. All bets require money, and your budget should cover it. Set aside an amount that you can afford to lose. It will save you from losses even on a losing streak.
  • Play with a high RTP rate – Mines has an RTP rate of 97%. It means that higher bets mean bigger earnings. However, avoid betting mindlessly. The rates are only an indicator of winning a game, after all.  

Play Mines Games

Winning in Mines is like the original game, only with added luck and earnings at stake. Place your bets, enter your number of mines, and click through the grid. If luck is on your side, you get bigger winnings. However, getting a bomb ends the game. In short, it combines familiar game mechanics to earn bigger rewards.

Mines Games is the premiere arcade platform in the Philippines. We provide many arcade games to bring the best gameplay features for all players. Furthermore, the platform complies with PAGCOR regulations, so your games stay safe. Sign up now and place your bets!

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