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The Online GemDiscoPH Casino Biggest Jackpot

The Online GemDiscoPH Casino Biggest Jackpot

Won on a Slot Machine?
The “biggest jackpot I ever won on a slot machine” could not have happened at a better time! My wife and I, newly married, had agreed to a trip to Las Vegas with three other couples for a five day getaway. When we agreed and made the future arrangements, it was far enough in advance that we were certain we’d be able to comfortably afford the trip, but we were SO wrong.

Just a few days before our trip we ran into some unexpected, unavoidable household expenses—my car broke down and had to be fixed, and we had to replace both our refrigerator AND our hot water heater all in the same week ( def some bad luck before a Vegas trip) and really should have just cancelled the vacation. But our friends would’ve been devastated and we thought it would be unfair to back out at the last minute after having everyone count on us. So we decided, ok, we’d just go along and do the bare minimum of everything in order to keep the costs down.

This, of course, meant almost NO gambling as we needed to stretch our limited bankroll just to attend our group dinners and shows. Definitely NOT my idea of a Las Vegas vacation. Still, in the back of my mind, I felt I could get ‘lucky’ with some very limited play and maybe, just maybe, turn the trip into a money-comfortable excursion. Well about 2 days in to our 5 day trip, nothing had worked out as I had hoped. And I knew better: I know you just can’t win without that money comfort, you can’t win when you play “short”. Plus I had over indulged at Blackjack on day 1, losing way more than I should have under our circumstances, so now with 3 days left on our trip, we maybe had enough money to get through but one more day….

That night after dinner, my wife and I escape the group back to our room and decide we’ll just have to make an excuse and leave Vegas the next morning, a full 2+ days earlier than we planned. Both of us now resigned to this uncomfortable, but necessary decision, we return downstairs to the casino to inform our friends. But we can’t find them! We looked all over the casino and when we finally realized they must’ve took a walk down the Strip or something, we found ourselves in front of a bank of Diamond slot machines. I looked at my wife, she looked at me, we both looked at the machines, we both smiled, and we both said “What the fuck!” We agreed that since we were definitely leaving in the morning we could take a last $100 shot at the slots, really, what the hell is the difference at this point?

I don’t remember spin for spin what took place, but it wasn’t long before we hit a “signer”, a jackpot that we had to fill out all the forms in order to collect, it was around $2,800.00!! Now that certainly is NOT alot of money at all, but at that moment in time it felt like a million bucks ! No stupid excuses to our friends, no having to leave early, no more passing on the appetizers or drinks to keep our dinner tab down!! YYYYYEEEEEEHHHHAAAA, it was a good good feeling!

So the next part is just as good, if not better: we agreed to lock up $2,000.00 to cover all our needs ++ for the rest of our vacation, and I took the $800.00 left over and went back to Blackjack. That same night I ran that $800.00 into another $3,600.00, that and the jackpot paying completely for the whole trip AND the unexpected household expenses!!! Our friends came back from their walk to find us both in a great mood and eager to plan our next day’s gourmet dinner!

When you consider I’m a guy who doesn’t even play slots, consider its timing, the bad circumstances, everything—-all of that made it the biggest jackpot ever….Yes, there is definitely magic in that town!

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