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Various terms and conditions of Online Casino Bonuses

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Bonus abuse is the second most widespread reason why online casino players resort to virtual private networks. Gambling operators offer appetizing bonuses to incentivize players to sign up, maintain their interest, and retain them as customers. Various terms and conditions are in place, however, to prevent keen gamblers from abusing these offers.

To give you an example, each new customer can claim no more than one welcome bonus per account, household, and IP address. Those who violate this condition are in for an unpleasant surprise as they have their bonuses confiscated and accounts closed when caught.

Some players are greedy enough to hide their location through VPN so that they can benefit from the same bonus several times by creating multiple accounts from different jurisdictions. Being caught is inevitable in this case as each new account undergoes obligatory verification.

4. Dealing with Blocked Accounts

Online casino players can have their accounts closed down for multiple reasons, including bonus abuse, cheating, collusion, using specialized software to gain an unfair advantage, and various other violations of the terms and conditions.

Gambling operators are quick to block cheaters from accessing their accounts. It is not uncommon for such players to create new accounts by masking their IP addresses via virtual private networks. They often choose a server located in their country of residence. Some VPN services even allow users to pick servers in specific cities, making it easier for such players to register new accounts.

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