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Welcome to Mines Games on Lucky Cola Online Casino

Welcome to Mines Games on Lucky Cola Online Casino

Welcome to Mines Game, the Town’s Game! Join the Mines Game which is one of our most popular and loved games. The Mines game is like the classic Minesweeper. To increase your payout multiplier, all you have to do is reveal the gems and avoid the bombs.

How to Play Mines game via Gcash?

In a round of the Mines game, players choose how much they want to bet and how many mines are on the field. The number of mines on the field can be anywhere from 1 to 24. There are 25 tiles that can be used to place gems and mines.

The game works like the popular Minesweeper game. Mines and gems are placed randomly, and there are betting options for Bitcoin, Gcash and other cryptocurrencies.

What exactly is the Mines Game? The Mines game is a game of chance played on a grid. Players tap on the grid to find gems and avoid bombs. This Mines betting game is played on a 5×5 grid, and players can flip tiles to see if they have a gem or a bomb on them.

When players click gems, payout multipliers increase and they can continue playing by choosing more tiles, random tiles, or cashing out. When a bomb is shown, the round is over and your bet is lost. Mines is the best way to gamble in a cryptocurrency casino because you can change the number of mines, auto bet, and cash out at any time.

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