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Where can I Play Mines Games Bonus for free?

Where can I Play Mines Games Bonus for free?

Stake and many other casinos will let you play Mines for free in demo mode. Some casinos will ask that you create an account first but that can be done really quickly. This will let you get familiar with the interface, even though this game is really so simple we don’t think it’s an issue.

As usual, if you’re looking to win money, do remember that free play in demo mode won’t cut it and you will have to make real money bets.

Game features in Mines

Being a modern arcade game, Mines likes to keep things straightforward. What you see is what you get, and there are no hidden features that are unlocked in bonus rounds like in slot games. The key features that give you control over the game include:

Multipliers for Mines

Adding more mines to the game will increase the payout of each tile you uncover. That’s because the more mines there are, the harder it gets to safely uncover a tile. Basically, your appetite for risk will be rewarded.

Cash out at any time

Players get complete control in the Mines game. You can decide to cash out whenever you want. If you are happy with your success and what you have already won, you can claim your win and end the game.

That means you don’t have to play each round to the end. As more experienced gamblers well know, the key to winning is knowing when it is good to walk out with a profit, rather than risking until it’s too late and losing it all.

Provably Fair game

Mines is Provably Fair game. That means it’s a game that’s written onto the blockchain and you can verify the fairness of a specific round of the game yourself. This is a feature unique to crypto games.

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